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Site du label Commercial Suicide

Site du label Commercial Suicide
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Tom Withers (Klute) has been a musician all his life. As Tommy Stupid he released his first 7" aged 15 with his legendary skate punk band, The Stupids. They went on to release several more 7" and Albums with Children of The Revolution and Vinyl Solution Records, John Peel Sessions, and tour the world with their live show.

After a well deserved sabbatical and discovering house and techno Klute was born and Drum and Bass was the music. Initially working for several years with Certificate 18 Records he eventually established Commercial Suicide in 2001, releasing music from a range of artists. Outside the label he continues to DJ and release music with others such as Hospital, 31, Soul:R and Metalheadz.

When not making Drum and Bass, Tom likes to make techno and play drums in his punk band. When not making music, Tom likes to go to skate parks and tend to his beloved allotment.