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Site du label P51

Site du label P51
Site web officiel du label Project Fifty One.
Label Operations Manual:

Initially conceived as a sinister plot against all things mundane and unchallenging, Project Fifty-One provides worldwide access to music designed to rock dancefloors and synapses with equal ferocity. P51's focus is presenting Drum and Bass that is unafraid to shatter boundaries and create musical situations unavailable from any other label. (To listen to the music is to understand Gridlok's vision for P51, so be sure to check out our Discography section for audio snippets of past and future releases.) From it's beginnings as an outlet for Gridlok's more esoteric material, the label has evolved into an underground powerhouse distributed by ST Holdings and featuring world-reknowed artists such as Dom, Hive, RymeTyme, Silver, Echo, Controlled Substance, Thinktank, Origin, and Gridlok himself.

Even more top-notch artists are due to enter the fray in the very near future, and be sure to watch this space for updates and other news.