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Position Chrome

Position Chrome
Site officiel du label Position Chrome.

Artistes présents sur le label: The Panacea, Raiden, Propaganda, Code Blue, DJ G.I.S.
The Panacea (Position Chrome, Offkey, Freak, Outbreak)

Mathis Mootz, the teutonic mastermind and producer behind The Panacea from Wuerzburg, Germany, has developed and perfected his sinister drum and Bass mashup style over the years. The Panacea is the digital Napalm Death, fueled by wreck-step beats, he samples and generally throws together elements of hardcore techno, drum'n'bass, jungle and industrial into his unique explosive sound.

As one of the dominant faces of the German Position Chrome Label he has released 23 ep's and 5 albums since 1996. His debut 'Low Profile Darkness' was one of his most influential works to date, and a huge success with over 12,000 copies sold. Others followed like the techno and hardcore influenced 'Twisted Designz','Phoenix Metabolism' with it's hip hop and booty bass roots, the enormous 'German Engineering' and 'Underground Superstardom', and the experimental and noisy 'Architettura'.

His experimental, electro, and neo-industrial beats were produced under the aliases of Squaremeter, Disorder, Warfare, Kate Mosh, Bad Street Boy, Radar and Rich Kid. These productions landed on labels like Mille Plateaux, Ant-Zen, Hands Productions, Ambush, Ad Noiseam, Kniteforce, Intransigent and Outbreak to name a few.

The rebirth of Position Chrome, and the launch of close friend Raidens' Offkey Recordings, marks the start for awesome collaborations and heavy tuneage in the future. The Panacea has recently joined the Anger Management DJ roster, and will be releasing this year on Dylan's mighty Freak Recordings.

Raiden (Position Chrome, Offkey, Freak, ELP)

Raiden, aka Jarman has a background in music that combines tonal savagery and intricate grooves; his first public outings in the world of music were fronting a hardcore band in 94. Always a man on the look-out for new ideas, someone played him some No U-turn tunes in 97, and suddenly everything changed,the bass was exchanged for the complex depths of Logic Audio, and the sound that defines him began to coalesce.

A year of careful listening and research, a small tour of German squat-party venues, and then, in 98, he leapt straight into the relentless production schedule that is another one of his trademarks. Getting DJ slots by playing dnb sets at open-minded techno nights, he found he loved the timbres of techno, but couldnt shake his passion for a rolling break and conveyor belt basslines. He resolved to meld the two into a sound that growls like a crack-crazed pitbull, before sinking in its teeth with a grip that locks on and never lets go.

He studied at the I.M.T. in London for a year, and this led to a work placement at Airtight Studios, where he met DJ Nu Balance and DJ Friction, and began writing tunes for their label Transparent. The first of these was hugely sucessful \'Cenobyte ep\', featuring the crushing \'Bulldoze\'. Released at the end of 2k2 and played by such luminaries as Trace,Bad Company Kemal, Keaton, Technical Itch, Mampi Swift, Friction and Usual Suspects.

Renegade Hardware approached Raiden in mid 2k2. His debut release Fallin became a massive tune, being voted no.18 in the best tune awards of 2002 by Muzik Magazine. Fallin was also featured on the cover cd of November 2002 mixmag, which lead to wider exposure and more media attension. More epic cuts were planned for 2003, including \'All out war\' Followed by his deubt Renegade Hardware e.p featuring \'Infection, 6ft Ditch, Falling(Friction and Nu Balance remix)and React\'. Pigalle(Feat)Flow, and Pitbull Attack / Mindbomin as the launch release for TOV\'s new label Barcode as well as Pinball and a relentless rmx of his own Bulldoze on transparent. All recieving much support from some of the scenes biggest guns. He is also about launch is own label Off-Key recording to hoost his extremist brand of techno tinged funk.

This has resulted in Raiden being booked for Dj sets as far afield as the USA, South Africa, Israel, Japan, France, Beligum, Holland, Norway, Austria, Germany as well as many critically aclaimed club nights in London such as Calsh of the Titans and Angermangments \'Therapy sessions\'. He is also a resident at the legendry Renegade Hardware nights at the world renouned End club in Central London, this is where Raiden first discovered the love for twisted basslines and frantic beats. Many people regard the End as spirtual home of Drum and Bass,in the same way that Detroit is to Techno.

Raidens ideal is progressive music with a beginning, middle and end, but retaining the off-key hooks, the ability to shock. The end result sounds a little (but not quite) like Axis remixing No U-Turn (or vice versa); heavy rolling tech-step breaks, vicious synth head noises, and basslines that you could mistake for seismic events. His ascent though the scene has been an unprecedented success, this rise is far from over, you have been warned!

Propaganda (Position Chrome, Offkey, Freak)

Following a number of signings to labels; DSCI4/ FREAK/ OBSCENE/ OFF KEY/ POSITION CHROME/ REVOLUTION/ ELP COLLECTIVE and SINUOUS, Nu skool duo Propaganda are set to unleash their innovative, shocking and hard-hitting take on drum ‘n’ bass. Propaganda formed in 2001 by the merging of two Southampton based DJ/producers Andy Buckley and Matt React. Both had been DJ-ing for seven years and have since played throughout the UK as well as around Europe. Their sets have a definite progression: passionately organised and innovative. Profoundly influenced by the roots of Detroit Techno as much as Drum ‘n’ Bass they bring a unique and uncompromising sound, and with a residency at London’s Therapy sessions they are sure to remain propulsive. Since venturing into production the duo have built up an arsenal with which to assault the scene. Their musical eclecticism merges powerful bass lines with the distinct energy of techno. This niche sound has found a home with Raiden’s Off Key record label - Raiden explains his link with Buckley and React: "Out of anyone in the scene, Propaganda are making the closest thing to what I want to hear." With a formidable hybridisation of techno and drum ‘n’ bass, the trio have formed an inspirational partnership. The result of the first collaboration 'Poltergeist' was quickly taken on by DJ Trace's DSCI4 label, and was soon followed by two of their own tracks 'Let It Go' and 'Breakdance'. Propaganda are continually working with Raiden on future projects for his Off Key imprint, as well as bringing some of their own distinctive sounds to the label. Look out for future releases on DSCI4/ FREAK/ OBSCENE/ OFF KEY/ POSITION CHROME/ REVOLUTION/ ELP COLLECTIVE.

Code Blue (Position Chrome)

Code Blue. Andrew. 1975 Born. learned to shit and pee on a toilet. learned to walk. 1978 trained classically with suzuki on violin and piano. 1986 vocal training. yamaha digital synthesizer. liked the barking dog. 1989 386 PC. 1990 drum kit roto toms. 1994 heard drum and bass at plan b. started to mix tapes with records on a belt drive turntable with a peavy mixer. 1994 worked in the boom of IT taking care of MAC servers made enough $$ to put myself through university. Yamaha SY85. cool sounds. two 1200’s and a numark mixer. bought tron torture. this is new. 1996-2000 studied philosophy. traveled the world. 2000 want to make drum and bass. worked in film make $$$ to fund studio. e6400 ultra. cubase. berhinger eurorack. pentium pc. dat recorder. sold berhinger eurorack. bought Juno 106. bought sek. no drum and bass label interest. 2001 G4 digi 001. protocols. logic 4.3. launched my label tune inc recordings. soundcraft 400b. sold sek. 2002 super bad custom modular synth thing. sampled panacea. first release sign of the times on tune inc 01. distribution in canada gone. no more tune inc. no other drum and bass label interest. 2002 sold juno 106. 2003 move to a new apt lots of glass. crazy reflection. still no label interest. must re-do studio. sold soundcraft. sold digi 01. sold SH 101. bought apogee converters. logic 5 or 6 don’t recall. but still no drum and bass label interest. bought G4 titanium. start playing live with ableton live. 2004 bones and dust on periphery recordings. got allergic to smog in toronto. miserable. can’t make music. move to vancouver to refocus. emu dies just stops working. virus c. logic 7. G5. focusrite lc. the saturator. move into a production suite within big studio. creative environment lots of music people to talk to. no drum and bass label interest. 2005 composed film music. produced a bluegrass album. produced a singer songwriter. was accepted into the guild of candian film composers. still no drum and bass label interest. score feature film “wednsday”. begin communicating using myspace and aim. 2006 score documentary about ghosts in ny “cherry valley”. wrote “mind control”. sent it to the panacea. he screamed “oh my god andrew…what did you do?” the beginning of the our colab. graveyard twist. headstone shuffle. signed to position chrome.

DJ G-I-S (Intransigent Recs, Position Chrome)

Gunter Schneider, better known as DJ G-I-S, has been spinning electronic music since 1992. Early 1995 he started producing his own drum and bass tunes. Five years later he founded his label Intransigent Recordings and released numerous singles since then. He has worked together with many artists, such as The Panacea, The Enemy (Evol Intent), N.Phect and Diz:play, Kid Kryptic, Typecell and others. As a DJ, G-I-S is known for his intense sets, including many exclusive tracks. He has played out all across Germany and beyond, in cities like Cologne, Dresden, Ghent, Hamburg, Mannheim, Ulm and many more.