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Paradox - Site Officiel

Paradox - Site Officiel
Site officiel du célèbre DJ Londonien, Paradox !
PARADOX nous vient de Londres, il est le producteur d'une centaines de releases sur les labels Drum and Bass les plus prestigieux !

Paradox nous offre à chaque événement des lives à vous couper le souffle !

Ceux qui aiment les breakbeats desarticulés en redemanderont !!!

Biographie de Paradox en anglais:

Paradox is International music producer and breakbeat pioneer Dev Paradox. Paradox's career dates back to 1989 when 'Mixrace' was formed with partner DJ Trax. The first professional recording by Mixrace was sixteen years ago back in 1990.

The first Mixrace 12" surfaced in 1991 on the early rave/breakbeat Moving Shadow Records Label. Trax and Paradox, both only 17 at the time released the early Mixrace Hardcore classic 'Too Bad for Ya/The Future is Before Your Eyes' (SHADOW 018) which at 180bpm back in 1991 was a ground breaking slice of rave hardcore for its era and ironically enough, fifteen years on can be mixed into today's Drum and Bass Dj culture with ease.. Timeless.

Four more releases followed on the Moving Shadow label and in 1994 Dev and Trax set up their own Stronghold, Mobhanded and Offset Record labels.

New artist guises surfaced in 1996 in the forms of 'Alaska' and 'Paradox'. Dev wanted to show his diversity by creating two different genre's of drumfunk [a paradox coined term now classed as a musical genre] with Alaska being the ambient moniker of the two, and the name Paradox exploring the drum patterns of 1970's funk.

the Paradox sound exploded with a string of 12" releases on Renegade Hardware, Certificate 18 and 4hero's Reinforced Records [the label to whom Paradox would cement his producer status as the godfather of breaks]. 1998 onwards and paradox almost single handedly flew the flag for break orientated drum and bass, pioneering the sound and giving others hope that the music would live on whilst others quickly left in droves to copy the latest fill-less static drum pattern rubbish.

paradox's consistent and unique style of programming set off alarm bells way outside of the drum and bass spectrum and it was only a matter of time all the hard work on reinforced records would eventually pay off as recognition was appearing from famous icons of the music industry from legendary bassist bill laswell and classical indian queen shobha gurtu to world famous pianist herbie hancock.

Approaching 2007 and Dev has now recorded over 100 12"s for an amazing 50 record labels including Goldie's Metalheadz, 4-Hero's Reinforced Records, LTJ Bukem's Good Looking, Certificate 18, london elektricity's Hospital, Partisan, Dylan's Freak Recordings, Renegade Hardware, Timeless, ireland's Bassbin, Total Science's CIA, Blame's 720 Degrees, Nexus, Danny Break's Droppin Science, Vibez Recordings, marc mac's Twisted Funk, Toshiba-EMI, Ninebar, Sonica, dego's 2000 Black, Holland's Rush Hour Records, New York's Offshore Recordings, BMG, Warner Music, Sony Music Japan and Italy's Archive Records.

Paradox also runs 4 [yes..four!] records labels single-handedly in true control-freak style. each label has their own unique ethos with Esoteric music as the headquarters for nucleus and paradox collaborations, arctic music for alaska ambience, paradox music marks the flagship paradox stable and dev also runs outsider music in order to support the scene and push new and like-minded artists forward.

Dev has released two albums on major label Sony Music Japan throughout his career. 2006 saw the 6th album surface on 13 Music and work has already begun on the 7th chapter which will feature a number of guest musicians from the 60's and 70's all eager to contribute to paradox's 7th long player.

Paradox remixing duties include the classical indian musician shobha gurtu, 4-Hero for Talkin Loud/Mercury, Yasushi Ide for Warner Brothers, Boom Boom Satelites for Sony/Epic, the chappell library music works for Sony/BMG Uk, Kirsty Hawkshaw, Raf & Illogik featuring Don-E, Deep Blue, LTJ Bukem and Makoto, Justice, James Hardway, NXS, Blue, Trax for Lacerba, Konami Entertainment and Japanese Manga Cartoon Company Marine Entertainment/Avex inc.

Multi-media contributions include exclusive music for USA giant ESPN NBA Playstation and XBOX games, Konami Arcade platform games and Sony Playstation games in Japan and music featured in the Jeff Winner motion picture 'Satellite'. Paradox also released a Live tour DVD with his 4th album on Reinforced records showcasing the extensive tour work that goes on behind making music and gave an insight into the life of the musician.

Paradox's unique profile has attracted exclusive endorsement contracts with Firetrap Clothing, Fossil watches, Acupuncture Footwear and Bloc Eyewear, four companies all eager to be affiliated with the paradox iconic ethos and sound.

Dev is also without doubt a live touring robot outside the studio. Every month of the year you can catch Paradox's live show truly worldwide. Dev has visited all corners of the globe and in true control-freak style has personally co-ordinated, orchestrated and headlined over 120 live overseas shows in all four corners of the USA, East Asia, every un-turned stone in Europe and entertained packed crowds in sublime places from Iceland to Tokyo.

What makes the Paradox live show different to any Dj set is that when Paradox is invited to perform abroad it's because the Paradox sound is in demand. Paradox only performs his own material live. After personally co-ordinating over 120 overseas shows under a strict invitation-only basis Paradox joined ESP International in the summer of 2006 to spread the ethos to an even wider audience. Dev has stuck to his guns and remained true to himself and in turn the name Paradox has earned a strong status and overseas following. Anyone that attends a live Paradox show leaves the venue witnessing a truly interactive performance.

Paradox's Live credentials also led the BBC to invite Dev to perform live at the BBC studio's for the digital radio service 1Xtra, a first for a live Drum and Bass artist on National UK radio.