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Drum'n'bass and Dubstep from Belgium.
Always heavy, sometimes with instrumentals and sometimes not...
Born in 1987 in Mons, Corentin Blondiau a.k.a. Taös spends all his adolescence listening to metal and HxC music and plays bass guitar.
From HxC to drum'n'bass violence, he fortunately discovers "FL studio" with wich he still composes today and with wich he mades his first liveshow for elektrik sense in june 2006.
It's only in december 2005 (at 18 years old) that he invests in turntables (and the rest of the needed materials to become a DJ).
Only one year later, he begins mixing regularly for Fuck'n Beat (charleroi). After he will mix for Crewstacé, Subliminal vibes, gothamcity (in the shop area during dourfestival 2007), Tremplin Dour 2008, Eurosoldier, Vent'ilot ... He will also join Le Clan D'Estinnes.
If in the begining he essentially mixes Jungle, today he assembles a maximum of DnB styles ( + one or two hard core and techno plates per mix ) and he also begins electro and dubstep mixs.
About his productions, wich were only DnB and a bit of breakcore/hardcore, they're opening to Dubstep..

I like to work with other people: if you're MC or musicmaker (in any musicstyle), i'm interested!