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Basswerk - DE

Basswerk - DE
Site du label drum'n'bass allemand Basswerk. Une présentation, des images sur les tournées, une discographie complète avec extraits sonores et videos
Basswerk Artists

Basswerk is home to many artists, including the following:

AJC consists of Amaning, J-Cut and Canoma. They contributed "The Sound" on Basswerk 23. They've split up and now each of them goes his own way, especially Amaning and J-Cut with good success. J-Cut was our resident at Gebäude 9 for a long time and grew up with us junglewise.


thilo goldschmitz was our first act in addition to our own projects in 1997, a total musical genius with very special skills: he loves jazz and live bass playing, and he is a master in programming old synths and also sampling, usually bringing out a unique ruffness. he is currently involved in live-jazz projects and not really into drum & bass any more, but we still think that basztarts musical statement and approach to our favourite music is extraordinary and needs to be heard.
Big Bud

He became famous with his early, softer and spheric releases on Creative Source and Good Looking. Now he's more up for a Dubby and Soundtrack kind of vibe. He is always looking for new surprises and new music he can do, but still all his tracks have a certain deepness and "peace" and sound like him. He is also running the Label "Soundtrax" (done with his partner Scott for a long time) and debuts on Basswerk with "Give A Little" on Basswerk 26


young matthias keufen from hamm impresses us with hard and futuristic sounds with a lot of weird ambience and crazy drum skills. that is no wonder, as his musical career started as a long-haired speed-metal drum player in 1990 - and you wouldn't be able to see that today. he sent us a demo, and besides liking the music, tgm realized that this guy is exactly 10 years younger than himself - born on feb 21st. there were more vibes in common and so they started the track, which took tgm ages to finish ("feb 21st"). combination really wanted the track, so finally it comes out on vinyl there. later on, cytech passed his track "collision" to tgm, which was nearly done and just received a few changes and rearranging in the basswerk studio. more work of cytech and tgm is to come.
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Former Residents

We worked together with our former residents Kolt Siewerts and J-Cut (aka D-Chance), but actually they are going their own ways. For a long time, we've been working together on and ist internet radio and shop. Now they appear as "Play" Collective. J-Cut did tracks with Canoma and Amaning as AJC and now goes his own way. Amaning fromerly was into the Bremen Form Crew and also did some tracks with Green Man. Other former residents were Ben Crunch (now: Phonogenic) and Ollie Blunt.
Giana Brotherz
Giana Brotherz

with their debut 12s on basswerk (14 and 15), frank hahn and sascha meola (chicken & s'ola) achieved world wide respect and enthusiasm all over germany, especially with their live sets. before that, they appeared as ssb (standing for: "simple solamente bambini") on pathfinder. later they had one release on square one. their tunes of 2002 brought a very fresh party sound we felt we had to put out. check their website currently they go for their own label, and some very hardcore remixes of "crossed roots" will also be on there (gbr02).

gál zoltán from hungary kept sending us demos and shows incredible sequencer skillz, doing most of his works within propellerheads reason. he lives on the countryside and hardly makes it to a party, but is the founder and co-editor of the country's well respected online drum & bass - magazine the hungarian d&b scene is huge and zoltán recently had a stunning release on breakbeat science's orgone label. his style is very electronic and joins other young hungarian producers shaping the futuristic sounds of the dsci4 label, while icr is being a little more musical and sometimes mellow.

Jonathan Baker & Bassface Sascha

knowing each other for years, jonathan became our new resident at the basswerk nights when moving to cologne in 2003, and is more and more teaming up with us. he has been one of the first german dj's ever to play drum and bass in germany and did a lot to build up the scene in mannheim, playing at milk, soho and was involved with the network project. we love his dj and production style, it is quite relaxed, deep, pure, not so heavy, and actually he gets more and more into production, so there is a lot of stuff to expect from him. he made one track with bassface sascha, one of germany's best known and also first drum and bass dj's, when they were living together at his place for a while. "keep goin' on" is totally pleasing the liquid funk heads, while jonathan's "oddity" chills in and out.

Kingpress were J-Buzz, Matt Flores and Jaqueline. They've had their first release on Basswerk 1 with "Station", but then there was also "Stepyard" on our first CD, as well as Junior Buzz "Groovy Day2, which was only on BW06 Vinyl. BuzzBoth, J-Buzz and Matt Flores later on switched to slower Beats and were very successful as "Gush Collective". meanwhile, Matt Flores is a Solo-Artist on Combination records.

Kingz was our main MC from 1997 to 2000, he now does a regular work but may come up with some fresh tunes in the future. His style is dark and somehow, his darkness is different to others. Thats what we like about his releases, especially Basswerk 10. You can hear him MC on the Acoustinetics - Adelin Track (The Green Man & Kingz Rmx) on our first CD. Jenz One, who was his partner on BW09's monotone technoid "Mocking", is a passionated chess player that runs the Phonogenic nights in Cologne. He is currently working on a lot of excellent stuff but pretty much hides it from the rest of the world.

Klute did 3 Collaborations with The Green Man. "Chirashi" is on Basswerk 13, while "Chicks" and "Lost" came out on The Green Man's Album "You Decide" ( ... and in our shop) as well as on Certificate 18. Klute has been a semi-resident on our Basswerk sessions @ Gebäude 9 and up to 2004 he has played here about 9 times.

we really didn't meet yet, but some how "don't let me.." made its way to us - and now also to dj's like bailey and influx datum. this vocal tune comes with an easy vibe and singer margie brings in a very slight dub touch besides being natural, different from many current vocal tracks with a lot of pretentiousness. it is already a big hit in austria, as konrad and coda rock the floors in vienna and around the country, being linked with the trife life crew, whose aziz brought the track to carl nuttal, kolt siewerts and finally to us. coda is a 21 years old dj from england, while konrad already had some releases on gyration.
MC Dragoon

Dragoon is from Mannheim, thats why he cant make it to each of our parties. He is the main singer on the "Easy" track on Basswerk 21 and there is more stuff from him to come. In real life he studies medicine. He has been a leading power in the Mannheim Drum & Bass Scene as well.

michael bräuninger from stuttgart comes up with an ultra-dark vibe, but also dark humour in his german speech samples saying: "we are all in hell (hölle)" or "we are all idiots" on another unreleased track. while "hölle" totally hits the point in rave sound to us, "eis" is even harder, but still shows his style of playing with quite minimal theme lines within very well sorted out arrangements.

Cologne(Germany) based Sebastian and Henrik Wild aka n.phect & dizplay co-operate since the beginning of 2002 as a producer team for drum'n'bass. In the years before the two brothers gained experience in different bands, sometimes even in the same band, and thus created a basis for their current activity. At the same time they began to produce electronic music using the computer, which led to a self-promoted cd. Quickly the genre shifted to drum'n'bass. Soon the two created themselves a basis for using their definition of drum'n'bass and being able to use the experience in producing they'd made before they did a couple of tracks within the first months. In the years thereafter they signed tunes to labels like Skynet's nVision, Basswerk, Trickdisc and more. Nowadays their tunes are being played on dubplate and cd-r in venues worldwide. Using the contacts they'd made through the times, n.phect & dizplay came to act as DJs at Germanies biggest events like e.g. the "Kingz Of The Jungle" in Mannheim, as well as foreign clubs.

Savine and Rio did a Dub-Masterpiece "Vibration" on Basswerk 13. They are nice guys and also made great performances on Basswerk nights. Besides, they release on offline and Skunkrock Recordings

Phoneheads (a.k.a. philipp maiburg & m. scheibenreiter) did one collaboration with The Green Man called 2nd flight, which is on Basswerk 12. Another Version of this track,(different bassline favorized by Scheibenreiter) (2nd sight), is on the Phoneheads Album with the same name. Phoneheads P.maiburg runs the Label Combination (supported by Carhartt) and released TGM's Album. They released on InfraCom! and will soon on Edel. And we were one of the first venues where they showed up as guest DJs in 1997. Scheibenreiter now also is one half of the electronic project "Swimming Pool".

Sehvermögen is our regular VJ and even tried to make it to our Sessions 2 Compilation with a track composed on his phone, but we turned him down. He truly is a VJ-Pioneer, one of the first who ever did it, one of the most famous as he was even asked to do the pics for the official Euro currency starting on Frankfurt Skyscrapers in 2001/2. Besides, he likes to criticize US-War-Policy in his Videos and mostly shows dancing and moving people in his clips. He started doing Videos with Drum & Bass, that's why they fit so well. He did Green Man's Infinity Video that was in MTV Top 20 as well as the Basswerk vs. Bildregler (his former name) contribution to Viva's 2Step Show. His Style is never too clean, no dead design shit, close to life. He is still a good friend and a true basswerk member and supporter.
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Big Up those two from Kiel. I met them when first playing up there and immediately had the feeling i like what they are doing.Basswerk is probably up for the darker, dubby tunes made by them. Their debut was "Hear Dis" on Basswerk 21, which is followed by "Dark Dub" on Basswerk 26

taxidriver are laszlo milasovszky a.k.a. cheetah and michael rieck. as cheetah he is doing the basswerk parties from day one and now also runs the label, too. m. laszlo was responsible for the cover-paintings of basswerk 1-10 and has recently joined with the trained saxophonist and musician michael rieck for the taxidriver project. with over 20 years of dj experience, cheetahs musical background is extremely wide. his stories of ancient involvements in bands like "peniskrem" or "blöd tapir", especially playing drums, are legendary. one recognizable element in his dj and producer works is a quite dubby style of drum & bass. "toytonic" is taxidrivers first track, followed by "give it up", "dub yo" and "baba bass" - and there is a lot of fresh and innovative stuff in the work, as they move from total weirdos to peaceful chillers.

The Green Man (TGM) is Heiner Kruse from Cologne. He is founder of Basswerk Records and has also has released an album on Combination Records ("You Decide"). As a DJ he goes for Ups and Downs within D&B DJ-Sets, mixing Neurofunk with Dub & Souljungle. His productions do have a typical Green man Sound, which is usually deep, optimistic and athmospheric - but also varies in hardness intensities between spacy chillers ("Chicks (with Klute)", "Nu wheels") to very hard and dark ravetunes ("Truth", "Technik"). His most played anthemns were Infinity, Illegal, Damn Wire, Feb21st and Ragtime - and his current Hit is called Easy (feat. MC Chevy & Dragoon), a track with a decent guitar quite different from his other music, released on Basswerk 21. Especially Infinity reached the Germans Club Charts No.1 Position for 3 weeks, the video was played on MTV and reached MTV Dance Top 20 and was released in several versions on different labels. Green Man is currently working on his second album, and some dubs like "Chainsmoker" in our forum will give you an idea where its going.