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Hospital Records Limited - UK

Hospital Records Limited - UK
Site du célèbre label anglais Hospital!
Leur spécialité? La Liquid Funk!!
The Purple Gates
182-184 Dartmouth Road
London SE26 4QZ
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London Elektricity
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Hospital DJs
Tomahawk / Chris Goss


London Elektricity has become a byword for groundbreaking 'fast soul music', ramming venues, destroying drum & bass crowds, leaving huge smiles from the Big Chill to Glastonbury and beyond, LONDON ELEKTRICITY LIVE has always been 'out of this world'.

Flip the script again in 2007. Tony LE is back behind the decks with sets from London to Japan to Malaysia, Australia, California, Eastern Europe an onwards. Tony also keeps it cutting edge as always by bringing you the groundbreaking Hospital Podcast. This regular show, available through iTunes, is smashing up the bandwith as people subscribe from Canada to Cape Town. Keep locked on as London Elektricity pushes things forward!

The LE saga began way back in '96, and up until 2002 LE was a double-act. Tony Colman and Chris Goss made their mark in 98 with the epic Song In The Key Of Knife, and subsequent critically acclaimed debut album Pull The Plug. In 2002 Tony took on the project solo, as Chris concentrated on taking the NHS empire to the next level.

With the release of Billion $ Gravy in 2003, phone calls from Fabio and Radio One requested a live session from Maida Vale - and lo', LONDON ELEKTRICITY LIVE was born.

For 2 years between 'Gravy' and 2005's album Power Ballads Tony and the Band have played over 150 gigs reaching a quarter of a million people with their Live Drum & Bass spectacular!

With the release of Live at The Scala The band has come to a close for the time being, with hospital bringing through the new talent in 2006, expect LE to re-emerge soon with some dancefloor corkers and more fast soul classics!

The name High Contrast needs no introduction anymore; though when a young Lincoln Barrett signed on the dotted line back in 2000 he was a complete unknown. Signed on the strength of his mini-disc demos, the Welsh wonder has smashed his way through the d+b scene in no time at all.

His debut longplayer True Colours was released on Hospital to massive critical acclaim in June 2002, paving the way for a move onto the outernational DJ circuit and remixer of choice for so many labels inside and outside of the drum+bass community. It was the club sessions and mixing skills that dominated the year since the True Colours - with Lincoln making a name for himself as one of the hottest D&B DJs around.

In autumn 2004 we dropped the massive High Society LP; featuring the anthemic singles Twilights Last Gleaming and Racing Green. The album has already become the stuff of legend, with Knowledge Magazine voting it into there top 3 jungle albums of the last 10 years.

More recently after reaching Drum & Bass superstardom he has releaed mix albums for Fabric and Mixmag and seen his White Stripes remix all over Radio 1. Missy Elliot and Blaze have also come knocking for a Contrast remix and the Worlds dance floors have been blown apart by that Gold Digger booty. New talent Cyantific Q-Project and have all raised the bar in 2006, so now we look forward to Hospital's original boy wonder strutting his new stuff.

2007 & High Contrast is back with the massive new album Tough Guys Don't Dance. Featuring the massive hit singles Everything's Different and If We Ever it has been rocking dancefloors from Cardiff to Cape Town.

"All killer no filler" says IDJ Magazine. Go catch some Contrast and see that they are spot on!

Spread love!

Born in 1976, Dan Gresham aka Nu:Tone, started piano aged 8 and joined Jesus College choir in Cambridge a year later. He studied music at Durham University, and having secured a college radio show met a young John B. They shared broadcasts, established local clubnight 'Substance', and Dan went on to engineering studio sessions for John. All these good vibes led to a debut vinyl release with John's Beta imprint in 2001: ('Grand Central' / 'The Boss').

Since signing to Hospital in 2003 Nu:Tone has come through the ranks to become one of the most highly respected producers in the scene, with everyone from LTJ Bukem to Dillinja busting his tunes. Nu:Tone's remix’s are always guaranteed to please – whether it’s the retro soul of his Spread Love anthem or the junglist wobble of his "Strictly Social" Re-rub.

His debut album Brave Nu World dropped in 2005 with all of the Drum & Bass' hierarchy supporting it. DJs Norman Jay M.B.E and Tom Middleton also made Nu:Tone a favourite of their eclectic sets. Off the back of this success Nu:Tone has taken his DJing all over the world spreading hospital love from the USA to Asia to Australia. Somehow he has also found the time to remix Alice Russell, Quantic and produce a track for Jenna G.

After a short break creating a mini Nu:Tone, Dan has come back super strong in 2007. His stunning album Back Of Beyond dropped in June 2007 with critics hailing it "Top Class" - Knowledge Mag, and DJmag describing the album as "The perfect marriage of accelerated junglist funk & cooled-out 70s melody". Cuts from the album such as Missing Link, Beliefs (with Pat Fulgoni) and System (featuring Natalie Williams) have all been ripping up the UKs dancefloors as Nu:Tone continues to make fantastic tracks for both on and off the dancefloor.

Magic Blaster!!

Our freelance Cyantists hail from the far flung reaches of South-West London. Award winning disk jockey Jon & twisted synth genius Matt have been making harsh tasty beats together since high school and were gathered up into the Hospital fold in summer 2002, after a tip off from High Contrast no less. With a series of 12"s, remixes and compilation appearances helping to build their diehard underground fanbase.

In 2005 they released Don't Follow a storming fast soul classic which featured the vocal talents of the legendary Diane Charlemagne, this brought their sound to a new audience and has remained in the boxes of many A-list d&b jocks ever since.

It was 2006 which saw the release of their Debut LP Ghetto Blaster; an epic album of futuristic beats which won instant plaudits from both fans and critics alike and really marked Cyantific's place in D&B history. Remix work and extensive touring followed, which takes us to 2007 - and the boys are back in their cyance lab (actually a barn in Hampton Wick) working on secret gene-splicing formulas to resurrect the musical spirit of Georgio Moroder and vintage Jonny L within a cutting edge jungle framework.

Jon's DJ sets are something to behold too, a fact that was recognised in march 2007 when Cyantific scooped the highly prized Best Breakthrough DJ award from BBC 1Xtra - this man has some serious skills, and he's on a mission to spread the gospel according to Cyantific far and wide. Rumours are rife; that he practices for over 12 hours per day; that he has magic arms and fingers; that he has special communication links to reptilian beings from another planet.

Hospital cannot confirm or deny these rumours.

Logistics grew up on a self prescribed musical diet, equal parts guitar based compositions from bands such as Rage Against The Machine and down tempo efforts from labels like Mo' Wax. Matt Logistics railed against the music his brother, Dan Nu:Tone would listen to and finally acquired a taste for Drum & Bass through the Full Cycle 'Music Box' LP. "That LP was like down tempo tunes with double time beats!" he explains "I'd always been into stuff like Mo' Wax and that album, particularly '11.55' by Roni Size & DJ Die had the same vibe that I could relate to."

Having a brother already signed up to Hospital didn't qualify Matt for an 'automatic in' and it wasn't until he sent Replay down to the office, swiftly followed by Fabio and Grooverider picking up on the tune, that he got his chance to work on his own album project. Having just left college this was a great opportunity for Logistics and he made the very best of it, working solidly on creating masterpieces in the form of Together, Spacejam, The Trip and Release The Pressure (the only previously released tune on the album) and bridging the gap between what until then had often been a lacklustre sub-genre; Liquid Funk and more exciting, dance floor orientated Drum & Bass. It's Logistics' influence that has been picked up by the major DJs in the scene such as Andy C and Friction, and his anthemic creations have contributed greatly to the modern Hospital sound.

The LP itself Now More Than Ever (released in winter 2005) is a hugely ambitious project, restraining no less than 24 speaker busting tunes beneath its calm exterior a double CD affair with CD1 'Now' offering a traditional Logistics sound while CD2 'More Than Ever' comes at you like a hungry Lion, simply and effectively looking to tear out your jugular with a deeper and rougher sound.

This man is so prolific - there are already a whole host of hot new Loggy dubs doing the rounds... watch this space for the next ones to make it onto NHS wax!

Much like the Roman Spa his home town is renowned for; many have discovered the benefits of immersing themselves in the soulful productions of Danny Byrd. With less nudity required, and a reduced danger of contracting syphilis, plague, or leprosy, it is no wonder Danny Byrd has become Bath’s most cherished attractions

One of the very first artists to sign to Hospital – way back at the turn of the millennium, Danny Byrd's own inimitable take on soulful, vocal Drum and Bass has become a staple in the scene. His use of house and R&B influences immediately began turning heads with his first Hospital singles Do It Again and Changes. Then, later that year, when Radio One’s Fabio championed Danny’s remix of London Elektricity's Wishing Well, his status as a soulful DnB heavy-weight was confirmed. It’s always been about quality rather than quantity with Danny Byrd – with remixes for High Contrast and contributions to our “Weapons of Mass Creation” albums making up his select output. Since 2005 however, the Byrd man has found an unparalleled level of productivity, with the massive Soul Function and Dog Hill singles Hospital as well as contributions for Spearhead, V Recordings and Advanced.

With a growing reputation as one of the finest party DJs in the scene, Danny Byrd has been touring nonstop, taking him from Los Angeles to Paris, from Romania to Vienna, as well as closer to home at the Herbal & Heaven Hospitality nights. If you haven’t already heard his dynamic dubplate selection, you can check the technique on Disc 2 of the latest Weapons Of Mass Creation album.

Renaisance Man Q-Project has been causing quite a ruckus in the world of drum & bass. A man of porn and Porches, Q-Project is responsible for some of the best loved anthems of the last 12 months, having rolled out big jams for the likes of Bingo, Liquid V, his own CIA imprint and of course Hospital.

In spring 2005 Oxford resident Quiff pledged allegiance to the NHS flag, 2 huge EPs later Computer Love and Hello, My Name is Q-Project won pride of place in the sets of Fabio and Grooverider, Zinc, Hype and Andy C. Q-Project followed this with a glimse into the weekend world of Q-Project with his mighty Album Renaissance Man.

Oxford’s very own ‘Uber Caner’ has now seen his ‘Man Music’ pumping out of function one systems and Porsche boots all over the world! Keep your eyes firmly fixed on Q-Project, the king sheer entertainment!