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Intransigent Recordings

Intransigent Recordings
Label Drum’n’Bass / Darkstep allemand fondé par DJ G-I-S.
Gunter Schneider, better known as DJ G-I-S, has been
spinning electronic music since 1992. Early 1995 he started
producing his own drum & bass tunes. Five years later he
founded his label Intransigent Recordings and released
numerous singles since then, on labels such as Pressure
Chamber, Hell's Bassment and his own imprint of course.
Recently he joined the Position Chrome family and will also
be releasing on PaulBlackout's Hardline Rekordingz soon.
He has worked together with many artists, like Evol Intent,
The Panacea, Kid Kryptic, N.Phect & Diz:play and Typecell
to name a few. As a DJ, G-I-S is known for his intense sets,
including many exclusive tracks. He has played out all across
Germany and beyond, in cities like Chemnitz, Cologne, Dresden,
Ghent, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Kassel, Mainz, Mannheim, Ulm,
Wiesbaden, Wuerzburg and many more.

Mathis Mootz, the teutonic mastermind and producer behind
The Panacea from Wuerzburg, Germany, has developed and
perfected his sinister drum & bass mashup style over the
years. The Panacea is the digital Napalm Death, fueled by
wreck-step beats, he samples and generally throws together
elements of hardcore techno, drum & bass, jungle and industrial
into his unique explosive sound. As one of the dominant faces
of the german Position Chrome label, he has released 23 EP's
and 5 albums since 1996. His debut 'Low Profile Darkness' was
one of his most influential works to date, and a huge success
with over 12,000 copies sold. Others followed like the techno
and hardcore influenced 'Twisted Designz', 'Phoenix Metabolism' with
its hip hop and booty bass roots, the enormous 'German Engineering'
and 'Underground Superstardom', and the experimental and noisy
'Architettura'. His experimental, electro, and neo-industrial
beats were produced under the aliases of Squaremeter, Disorder,
Warfare, Kate Mosh, Bad Street Boy, Radar, Rich Kid, Warfare and m2.
These productions landed on labels like Mille Plateaux, Ant-Zen,
Hands Productions, Ambush, Ad Noiseam, Kniteforce, Intransigent
and Outbreak to name a few. The rebirth of Position Chrome,
and the launch of close friend Raidens' Offkey Recordings, marks
the start for awesome collaborations and heavy tunage in the future.
The Panacea has recently joined the Anger Management DJ roster,
and will be releasing this year on Dylan's mighty Freak Recordings.

Berlin's Tim Eliot represents the top percentile of european
drum & bass producers. With substantial training in classical
piano, he began dabbling in electronic music in 1992. Several
years later he began receiving recognition on local Berlin radio
stations and a series of irrefutably classic 12"s ensued. Seminal
works on Don Q and Position Chrome catapulted Current Value into a
literal phase of underground superstardom. Through proper distribution
and excellent exposure the Position Chrome releases like 'Creative Robot',
'Skybreaker', and 'Bass Riot' were very well received particularly
in North America. The decidedly dark and often dissonant sound of the
techstep revolution resonated with many disenfranchised junglists as
well as electronica fans. With numerous singles and 4 LP's, Current Value
left an indelible mark on the drum & bass but also the techno genre.
With subsequent appearances on renouned labels like Ruff-Teck, Klangkrieg
and Phantom Noise, Current Value has continued to produce quality
drum & bass for the dancefloor as well as the living room audience.
In mid 2005 Soothsayer released the first of several Current Value 12"s,
a split 12" with Kid Kryptic followed soon. Sometime around summer 2006,
Current Value will come even stronger with his new work for Intransigent,
Soothsayer, Obscene and Tech Itch. Be prepared!

Counterstrike has played an instrumental role in putting South Africa on the
world drum & bass map. Justin Scholtemeyer aka Animal Chin and Eaton Crous
aka 500 Mills, have been active drum & bass DJs on the club/rave circuit
since the mid-nineties playing all over South Africa and recently England,
Germany, Norway, Poland, Belgium, Holland, Austria and Switzerland.
Counterstrike has been producing drum 'n bass as a collective since 1998.

DJ Hidden has been producing electronic music for as long as he can remember.
As a kid, he used to mess around with tape recorders and computers with less
memory than your every day cell phone. Releasing his first tracks on vinyl,
back in 1996, gave these experiments a sense of direction though. Encouraged
by friends and family, he continued on this path and now, 10 years later,
his music has been released on an impressive amount of records and CDs.
Although his productions are usually classified as hardcore, drum & bass or
IDM, he prefers to just call them 'dark music' and leaves it at that.

Bad Matter, also known as Fixed Frequency, born in Berlin,
acquired a lot of musical influences over the years in this city.
His interest to do something with music increased and he started
djing at home in 1992, first steps in sequencing followed 2 years later.
Many different kinds of music derived from projects with friends or
work for theatres, but he liked broken beats from the very beginning.
Jungle / drum & bass was love on first sight and he focused more and
more on it. Now, involved in the Audiomassive crew from Berlin,
he works as a DJ, producing with them, others and solo.

Mark Christiansen, also know as Nanotek, was born and raised on
the coast of Taranaki and is currently situated in Wellington,
New Zealand. He has released music on Obscene, Intransigent and
Empathy in various formats with much more to come, so be sure to
keep an eye on this guy!

Coresplittaz started producing with an Amiga 500 in 1991/92.
He made many happy breakbeat tracks with it, but really started
producing with his first synth in 1996. Until then he never
stopped producing. It began with dirty jungle tracks came to a
more simple drum & bass style and returned to the old amens with
new productions abilities due to new hard- and software. He used
to play guitar when he was around 16. He played in a hardcore band
and still loves this kind of music. To him his drum & bass tracks
and most of the tunes he likes are kind of a new dimension of what
they did with their instruments in their band. During the last few
years he worked together with artists like DJ G-I-S, Diz:play or
Norman Wax and also did a track using the vocal talents of Jenny.
His tunes are signed to Pressure Chamber, Virtual Giana Brotherz
and Intransigent Recordings.

Norman Wax, born 1978 in Mainz, got infected
by electronic music in 1993, going through hardcore over acid
to happy breakbeat. Later jungle ruled his musical mind. He spent
much of his time in his friends studios, getting in touch with
the equipment. So he got into techno & jungle sequencing, which
led him to producing his own drum & bass tunes in 1998. Many of
them found their way into the clubs, so Norman joined Intransigent
Recordings in 2003. His first release, 'Steck Der Zeiten', a
collaboration with DJ G-I-S, has been played by countless DJ's all
over the nation, and it's a huge crowd favorite.

Arkon aka Alistair Maxwell is a a dark drum & bass producer coming out of
Perth, Western Australia. He started producing in 1995 when he purchased
his first synth and has been hooked ever since. Originally playing both
guitar and bass in metal bands from the age of 15, he gradually
progressed from metal into industrial and hardcore, techno, trance and
drum & bass. He started listening to drum & bass in 1996 and by 1998 he
was buying records, DJing and producing full time. By 2000 he started
to focus strictly on drum & bass production and in 2003 he signed his
first tracks to the australian label Hardline Rekordingz. His studio
includes mixture of professional hardware based studio equipment and a
powerful Windows based audio workstation running Cubase SX. Arkon is here,
and he's not going anywhere anytime soon. If you live for hard beats and
insane bass, be on the lookout for his tunes.

MC DubLN started MCing in 1997, after 8 years of experience as
singer, bass-player and drummer in several bands. It's that feeling
for music that will always let him add highlights to a DJ-Set without
setting himself into the spotlight too much. As official MC for
Intransigent Recordings he's the ideal MC for the dark and ruff
styles, but also experienced and safe on all the other sides of
drum & bass. DubLN has played many gigs throughout Germany and
beyond during the last years, you can find references on his website.