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Hard to Find - Disquaire en ligne

Hard to Find - Disquaire en ligne
Disquaire en ligne spécialisé dans la musique électronique et bien évidemment dans la D'n'B - Jungle !

Disquaire Anglais.
Hard To Find Records
Vinyl House
10 Upper Gough Street
B1 1JG - UK -
Telephone: 0121-687 7777

Storing your vinyl

MR89654 £7.45(pk5)

MR66466 £3.95(pk10)

MR23930 £5.45(pk10) Appropriate storage is a must. Keep your records stored vertically, NEVER piled on top of each other.

NEVER overfill record boxes and bags as this is very damaging to your records and their sleeves too.

The ideal storage temperature for your vinyl is between 15-20 degrees C.

Always keep your records away from direct sunlight and heat, i.e: boilers, radiators, etc. As well as the risk of warping, heat and humidity can cause the growth of mould and mildew.

Keep your records in their original sleeves. For extra protection use plastic covers. If your original sleeves are damaged or missing use replacement paper inserts and cardboard outer sleeves. Remove the manufacturer's original wrapping. This evil stuff known as 'Skrink-Wrap' will continue to shrink over time and will eventually warp the record's jacket.

When handling your vinyl avoid touching the playing surface. You should handle your records by the edges and centre label.

Remove price stickers and barcodes after purchasing records, as over time they may lead to colour changes on the jacket or become harder to remove.

A great way to remove stubborn labels is with a hair dryer, after removing the vinyl from the sleeve just heat the area and carefully peel off.
Cleaning your vinyl
Always clean your stylus regularly, and try to change it every 6 months. Clean your vinyl regularly too, especially if you're a DJ....Just think of all those mucky finger prints!!!

The most effective method for cleaning vinyl is a carbon fibre brush. The fibres bring out the dust from the bottom of the grooves, whilst the felt pad collects it.

Fluid cleaners are ideal for removing surface dust and visible marks.

Anti-static guns are a preventative method. They shoot out a stream of electrically charged atoms onto the record's surface neutrallizing the static electricity that attracts the dust. Glossy sleeves with pen on can be rescued, hairspray is ideal for this. Spray onto the marked area and wipe over with a soft, dry cloth.

Marker pen can also be removed!!! Simply trace over it with an erasable marker, then wipe over with a soft, dry cloth.

Attempting to clean matte covers could possibly remove the colours or the print, as with the circular vinyl centre stickers, so be careful.

If you have any suggestions on caring for your vinyl, please email us comments@htfr.com