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LiveSet - Sequenceur

LiveSet - Sequenceur
LiveSet 1.0 est un logiciel sequenceur electro.
LiveSet is a powerful and versatile realtime MIDI processor explicitly developed to enhance live performances. It provides the capabilities to control every detail of your live session, making it easier to setup and perform.
LiveSet processes MIDI signals coming form your on-stage gear, such as Master Keyboards or MIDI Control Surfaces, and route them to a ReWire-enabled software as well as external MIDI devices.

PeterTools is a software house active in the computer based music field. Our goal is to provide high quality software tools to improve man-machine interaction in a live performance setup. Straight to this point is our first product, LiveSet.
PeterTools is a young company (founded in 2002) but everyone in the team has worked in providing hardware and software solutions in multimedia scenarios in the past.

LiveSet's framework is based on the virtual rack metaphor. It provides low level functionalities to the unlimited number of objects - we call Modules - you can create, delete, drag, drop, cut and paste in it. Featuring two independent transformation busses, you can setup complex signal processing chains.

Easy to use connection cables allow you to visually connect modules' input and output ports. Just a quick glance at the rack rear panel and you'll have a clear representation of the currently running module setup.

The transport bar

LiveSet's transport bar provides simple control over song position and a useful display featuring a double time/beats mode while advanced controls such as loop points and tempo settings are grouped in customizable panels.
Big display

Designed as an on-stage software, you'll be using it in low lighted situations. To this end LiveSet features a big display so you can see, at a glance, what song position you are at...

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