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Jungle Train

Jungle Train
Drum & Bass Radio 24h/24h 7j/7j
jungletrain.net crew
main staff members:
josh-hill aka Joost van den Heuvel
(founder, webmaster)
in real life, josh-hill is a train-riding sci-fi nutcase who rolls along on a continuous stream of drum & bass music; after receiving his Master in Applied Physics, he worked as a PhD student on changes in atomic-scale defects in low-cost solar cell material at Delft University of Technology;
addicted to dark and technical beats: artists like Technical Itch, B-Key, Dylan, Breakage, Paradox, Source Direct; labels like Biotic, Moving Shadow, Ruff-Teck, Tech Itch; tracks like Dylan & Loxy - Retribution
arnie aka Niels Roosen
(server admin, tech support)
arnie is a Computer Science student at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands; in jungletrain.net he found the perfect combination of using his geek skills on maintaining the stream and mixing for the massive;
being busy with school, work and developing the station, there is not much time left for producing at this moment but eventually he will make time for it and write some good music again; for now he lets his SL1200's speak as Arnicus

crew members:
DJ What the Bleep
DJ Whyte

jungletrain.net history
Being a solution for listening to DJ WoodroW practice his mixing skills at home in the first place, what we now call jungletrain.net started off in december 2001. josh-hill wanted to listen to WoodroW, so as his friend Christophe suggested, he decided he could as well install a shoutcast server.
However, this didn't go unnoticed and it turned out that josh-hill and Christophe weren't the only ones listening to this brand new stream. From one thing came another, and DJ Crucial Carl started streaming also. When DJ Zigmund Void, the GroundKontrol crew and DJ Hungry Tiger joined the club, the Jungle Train (name suggested by Christophe) became a fact.
first relay
Somewhere around march 2003 the Jungletrain aquires its first relay from American Service Provider niuhi, providing extra listening capacitity for up to 100 listeners.
jungletrain.net domain
Since the Jungletrain was expanding, the need for an own domain became bigger and bigger. The single hostname jungletrain.kicks-ass.net was not enough anymore and finally, somewhere in august 2002, on suggestion of brand new crewmember Arnie, josh-hill registers the domain jungletrain.net.
irc chat
After residing on the IRCWorld chat for a few months, around september 2002, Arnie set up a dedicated server for the #jungletrain chat massive.
Being mentioned in the chat by a few people already, crewmember-to-be Propan0 took over the idea of starting up a jungletrain.net forum and started working on this. A few weeks later, in february 2003, the jungletrain.net forum was added to the website. Since then the forum grew rapidly, having over 300 users at this moment.
100 listeners barrier broken
On 2003/Apr/02, during one of DJ Cob's mental munting sessions, the 100 listeners barrier was broken for the first time in the history of jungletrain.net
more relays
In the 2nd quarter of 2003 the jungletrain.net stream expands by aquiring 2 more relays, provided by 2 supportive jungletrain.net listeners, Lost-B and deuterium. They bring up the total 64k listener capacity up to 250 listeners.
dedicated jungletrain.net server
After more than one year and months of researching and preparations, the first dedicated jungletrain.net server is installed by josh-hill and Arnie on a site in Amsterdam. The radio services, irc and website are moved to the new server on 2003/Jul/14.
new website
On 2003/Oct/30, josh-hill's 32nd birthday, the new jungletrain.net website with integrated forum was launched
200 listeners barrier broken
On 2004/Jan/29, again during one of DJ Cob's mental munting sessions, the 200 listeners barrier was broken for the first time in the history of jungletrain.net

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