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Kudos Record Ltd - UK

Kudos Record Ltd - UK
Site du distributeur et label anglais Kudos Records. Vous y trouverez des news, la liste complète des artistes et labels distribués, le détails de chaque album avec tracklist, extraits sonores et critiques...
Kudos Info

Boundaries keep changing. The technological revolution of the last fifteen years has blurred the traditional distinctions between artist, record label, distributor and retailer.

Kudos Records Ltd was founded in 1991 by Danny Ryan as a way of providing efficient and effective distribution services to a new breed of independent record label. We bridge the gap between the traditional record label and distributor by providing modular distribution, manufacturing and marketing services to like-minded labels, along with a collective brand identity indicating the highest quality.

Many of the following services may be available as standalone solutions. In other words, Kudos may be prepared to handle your International Distribution without necessarily carrying your label for UK Distribution, or you may wish to consider Kudos for your E-Commerce and Mail-order requirements without necessarily wishing to change your current distribution arrangements.

Physical Distribution (Domestic and International)

UK Domestic Distribution

Through our fulfilment agreement with Pinnacle Records (the UK’s largest truly independent distributor), Kudos has access to the largest retail account base in the U.K. Single releases are pre-sold by Kudos, and picked, packed and dispatched by Pinnacle.

We also have access to Pinnacles Field and National Accounts sales force for album sales.

International Distribution

Our network of international distributors can secure releases in over a dozen territories, and we can provide world-wide export sales through our relationships with importers, one-stops and wholesalers and retailers. Many or our overseas distributors can also provide any marketing support required, right from co-op advertising through to tour co-ordination.

Digital Distribution

We are an official aggregator for numerous digital service providers including ITunes, Napster, OD2 and Musicnet. We provide efficient encoding, metadata optimisation and delivery to ensure releases the best position in the online marketplace. For more information, email james@kudosrecords.co.uk

E-Commerce and Mail Order

Kudos are the only UK distributor to offer a complete E-Commerce and mail order fulfilment service as part of a standard distribution package.

Marketing Services

Kudos can provide a range of in-house marketing services. Everything from press and radio mailings to Co-Op advertising plans can be provided by Kudos cost effectively "in-house".


Kudos can provide a complete manufacturing service for all formats. In fact, over 60% of our distributed labels manufacture with us.

Kudos – The Record Label

In 2001 the Kudos Records label will be celebrating 10 years of independence. During this period the label has gained a reputation for stringent "quality control". Early releases from Luke Slater and Pentatonik set the stage for primarily machine manipulated music. Our current label roster features Jimpster (Jamie Odell) and Unforscene. Following the above link to our label will give you a brief insight into the music we love.

Distribution Terms and Conditions

Distribution terms are only discussed on acceptance of your releases. If you would like us to consider your label please send your proposed releases and game plan to:

Kudos Records Limited
77 Fortess Road
Kentish Town
London NW5 1AG

Phone: +20 7482 4555
Fax: +20 7482 4551
Email: info@kudosrecords.co.uk